You Could Take Your Bed Into Work

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Work
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We all have duvet days, some more than others. Duvets have duvet days.

That joke didn't work.

My point is, there are days when you wish you could just stay in bed. However, big boss man is yelling down your lughole that you need to get those reports done by 11am or you’ll be out the door with the imprint of a boot on your right buttock.

So, if I had my way, you’d be able to take your bed into work. You can sit at your desk, get that darn report done, all with a nice thick quilt wrapped around your head.

Although it may be difficult to type with your hands covered by 15 togs worth of down.

The bed would be on wheels, so you can trundle up and down the corridors to get to the kitchen, or whatever. At the end of the day, you’d simply roll out of the door and head back down the motorway, pushing your bed along canoe-style. Then, you’d sleep. At some point in the next week, you may or may not take a shower.

  1. jomiddleton says:

    That basically sounds like what I do already. Take my laptop to bed, do a spot of work, have a little sleep. Maybe have a wash. If I’m expecting vistors.

    It’s great to be honest.

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