Monday Would be Renamed Funday

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Business
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It’s a fact of life that Mondays suck. Everyone trudges into school or work, looking all glum. Some people are still a bit bleary-eyed from a heavy weekend. Exclamations of “where did the weekend go?” and “is it Monday already?!” echo off the walls. You get the gist. Mondays pretty much make you want to die.

So, if I had my way, Mondays will be banned. Actually, strike that: Mondays wouldn’t be banned, because then Tuesday would be the new Monday, and everyone would be just as upset, just on a different day.

Instead, Monday would be renamed Funday, and it would be the law that from the hours of 8-11 in the morning people everywhere are allowed to do nothing other than play games. It can be Scrabble, Halo, football, tiddlywinks, whatever – as long as you’re having fun, it’s fine. Those of you who insist on working will be shot. I don’t mean metaphorically shot. I mean actually shot. In the face.

Everyone would also have to dress up in fancy dress. And fire off Party Poppers every hour, on the hour. Basically, Mondays would be awesome. Morale would increase, positivity would increase, and the UK would generally be a happier place.

So break out the Ker-plunk, boys. It’s Monday morning, and things are about to get wild.


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